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Bitty Vintage Presets




From Antique to Retro ~ Imagine the most perfect…. dusty, sweetly tinted, old-aged Lightroom Presets. Turn your images into soft, romantic works of Art. Quickly find the vintage feel you need to transform your pictures. (Jpg version coming soon).

True to the IttyBitty style, this collection offers you a huge range from subtle to vivid and leaves you in complete control. We are sure this set is going to become a instant favorite. You can view a video of the set below – and a special thanks to the photographers who provided their work to be featured on this page and in the video.

Program Requirements: Adobe Lightroom 3  (Lightroom 4 and 5 version included, some variations may be noted)

Bitty Vintage Presets
70 lightroom presets
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All the Presets and Lite Actions Bundle
All 3 sets of Presets and Lite Action Set
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All the Actions and Textures
All 4 sets of Actions and Itty Bitty Textures
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All the Presets and Actions and Textures Bundle
All 3 sets of Presets and all 4 sets of Actions and Textures Set
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Whats in the Vintage Collection? (List Below)

  1. (B&W) Filmy 100
  2. (B&W) Filmy 1000
  3. (Addie) I, II
  4. (Adie) I, II, III
  5. (Colour Change) Cheeky Dandy
  6. (Colour Change) Cheeky Floral
  7. (Colour Change) Cheeky Rose
  8. (Colour Change) Colour Wash
  9. (Colour Change) Dandy Elando
  10. (Colour Change) GreenGrassPop
  11. (Colour Change) WispySands
  12. (Colour Change) Wispy Storms
  13. (Dust Contrast) Candy
  14. (Dust Contrast) Floral
  15. (Dust Contrast) Grey
  16. (Dust Contrast) Spark
  17. (Dust) CandyWB
  18. (Dust) Candy Saturated
  19. (Dust) Floral
  20. (Dust) Floral Saturated
  21. (Dust) Grey
  22. (Dust) Rosemary Contrast
  23. (Dust) Rosmarey Lite II
  24. (Dust) Rosemary Lite Saturated
  25. (Dust) Rosemary Lite
  26. (Dust) Rosemary
  27. (Dust) Yellow Lite II
  28. (Dust) Yellow Lite
  29. (Dust) Yellow Glow
  30. (Film) 800
  31. (Film) Cross
  32. (Film) Dandy Pink
  33. (Film) Dandy Yellow
  34. (Film) Dandy
  35. (Film) Just
  36. (Film) Rose
  37. (Haze) Low Contrast Retro
  38. (Indoor) Warmth
  39. (Indoor) Whisper
  40. (Retro) Blue
  41. (Retro) Candy Saturated
  42. (Retro) Contrast pop Retro Twist
  43. (Retro) Cross Processing I
  44. (Retro) Cross Processing II
  45. (Retro) Green
  46. (Retro) Grey
  47. (Retro) Original Saturated
  48. (Retro) Original
  49. (Retro) Rose
  50. (Retro) Warm Glow I
  51. (Retro) Warm Glow
  52. (Vintage) Creed
  53. (Vintage) Creed II
  54. (Vintage) DeRoam
  55. (Vintage) Deroam Barley
  56. (Vintage) Deroam Barley Blue
  57. (Vintage) Deroam Flat
  58. (Vintage) Deroam Flat Sat
  59. (Vintage)Deroam Heritage
  60. (Vintage) Ede
  61. (Vintage) Seabreeze
  62. (Vintage) Sweep
  63. (Vintage) Sweet Grey
  64. (Vintage) Sweet Pink
  65. (Vintage) Pink Darker
  66. (Vintage) Sweet Purple
  67. (Vintage) Urban Edge
  68. (Vintage) Urban Edge Less Contrast
  69. (Vintage) Urban Peach
  70. (Vintage) Vintage Sunshine
  71. (Vintage) Wisdom
  72. (Vintage) Wisdom (2)
  73. (Work) Grain, I, II
  74. (Work) Lighten

Special thanks to Kathy Wolfe for her wedding pics used in this video